Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

The satisfaction and pleasure of shopping is the main focus of interaction with customers in Mastermind store and this collection always tries to make the orders reach the esteemed buyers in the best possible way. A detailed study of the following items will help us achieve this goal in order to use the services and products of Mastermind store properly and optimally.

Logging in to the store's website when using a personal profile means being aware of and accepting the terms and conditions of the Mastermind store. Note that registering any order or financial transaction at any time means full acceptance of all terms and rules of this store by the user.

General rules

Please note that all the principles and procedures of the Mastermind store are in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the law of electronic commerce and the law of protection of consumer rights, and subsequently the user is also obliged to comply with the laws related to the user. If any changes are made to the rules, procedures and conditions of sale of this store, they will be published and updated on this page and you agree that your continued use of the site means acceptance of any changes.

Definition of customer or user

A customer or a user is a person who registers an order or uses any of the store's services with his user information entered in the registration form.

Registration of customer information

When registering or placing an order, the customer must carefully enter his personal information including first and last name, contact phone number (cell phone and landline with city code) and full address and zip code using the Persian keyboard. Also, the registered email and contact number must be valid so that the customer can be contacted when necessary. Obviously, if the information contained in the customer's user account is not correct, the responsibility of any inconsistency in the process of sending the order, including (and not limited to) delay, loss or return of the order, will be the responsibility of the customer, and any possible losses will be borne by the user.

It is noted that this store respects and protects the private information of the people who use the site's services.

Electronic communications

Considering that the Mastermind store is an online store, when you use its services and place your online order or purchase, or email the store, these communications are done electronically. And if your request complies with all principles and procedures, you agree that the store will respond to your request electronically (via e-mail, text message service and other electronic services).

Also, the e-mail address and telephone numbers that the customer registers in his profile are the only official and confirmed e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of the customer, and all correspondence and responses from the store are made through them.

Prices and stock of goods

All the prices listed on the site are updated and correct. For a bulk order, it is better to coordinate with the sales department before ordering. Due to the high number of items in the store and the high volume of buying and selling of these items, the inventory of the goods is not listed on the website; Therefore, in certain cases, there is a possibility that one or more rows of goods will be out of stock when the order is sent; In this case, at the discretion of our sales experts, these cases will be notified to the buyer through a phone call, so that if he wishes, he can replace the product or refund the amount of the order defects by issuing a purchase receipt or depositing into the account. (It should be noted that the payment for the defects of the orders will be made after completing the administrative procedures and within three working days at most.) If the sales experts determine that there is no need for coordination regarding the product with a deficit, a purchase order will be issued and along with the order for The customer is sent that this banner can be used as a discount code during the order registration stage.

Also, if the prices change, the orders that were registered and paid before the price change will not be subject to the new prices unless the price listed on the site is wrong due to human error.

How to place an order

Fast and accurate shipping of orders depends on registration and completion of the order on the store's website. Therefore, placing an order by phone will be beyond the scope of the store's authority. It is worth mentioning that the orders registered without completing the payment process and reaching the status of "confirmed payment" (payment of any type specified in the store) will not be processed.

How to send the order and related costs

Under normal conditions, orders are processed within one working day at most after the order is completed; In this case, the status of the order changes to "in progress". This time may increase to two or three working days in special circumstances and during rush hours, and in case of further delay, the customer will be informed through electronic communication. Depending on the customer, the delivery time also depends on the method of sending the goods. The registered orders are sent according to the method determined at the time of placing the order, and the customer is responsible for the cost of packing and sending the orders. The cost of packaging is added to the shipping cost in proportion to the number of rows of purchased goods and is announced to the customer at the payment stage.

Due to the fact that all shipments are insured, all responsibilities and possible damages during transportation are the responsibility of the party to the contract of transporting the goods, and any follow-up is the responsibility of the buyer, and the store will help customers as much as possible in this way based on spiritual commitment. .

The costs of shipping orders are borne by the customer. All kinds of shipping methods are displayed at the order registration stage and can be selected according to the type of request and taste of buyers.

The fee charged for Aras By mail, it is calculated as an average and is added to the payment amount in two fixed amounts for priority and custom mail when choosing the shipping method, which includes the cost of packaging and postage, which is calculated without considering the weight of the shipment. Shipping by freight (delivery to intercity buses) includes the cost of sending the package from the sales office to the shipping company, and this store does not have accurate information about the shipping costs. Sending with Tipax will only be possible to the cities where the Tipax office is active. Keep in mind that due to post-fare shipping by freight or tipax, it is not possible to send orders whose amount is lower than the minimum cost of these two shipping methods.

There is also the possibility of adding packaging fees for each order based on the number of items.

After sending, the status of the order will change to "sent". Inserting the tracking code and consignment note number will be done one working day after sending.

Payment methods

The order amount can be paid in two ways: online payment and payment by bank slip, which can be seen at the time of order registration. The fastest and safest way to pay is online.

In the method of paying by bank receipt, you can get information about bank accounts by referring to the "Payment" page or access the online payment page. It should be noted that in the payment method by bank receipt, after depositing to the account (to any of the bank or online transfer methods), the payment information must be announced to the store by phone or email. 

Order tracking

The status of registered orders can be seen in the details section of the "My recent orders / Order history" page. All orders that have been completed and have reached the status of "confirmed payment" will be processed as soon as possible and will be changed to the status of "in progress". This status indicates the start of the order collection operation. Any changes in the order items will be possible only before this stage and in case of coordination with Tabriz sales office. (For more information in this field, contact the Tabriz sales office)

If coordination is needed during order preparation, the contact number announced by the customer will be contacted. If there is a problem in the process of collecting the order, which, according to the sales experts, makes it difficult to send the package and it is not possible to contact the customer, the order is placed in "suspended" status, the situation is announced to the customer through other electronic communications, and until the customer contacts the store, The order will remain in this status.

After the packages leave the warehouse and the order is delivered to the freight company (post, tipax, freight), the status of the order is changed to "collected". Obviously, any changes in the contents of the order will not be possible at this stage.

The tracking codes and consignment note numbers are included in the relevant section at most one working day after shipment and can be accessed through the order history page. After entering this information, the status of the order will be changed to "Shipped".

Be careful, the customer will be notified of the order status change in all the mentioned situations via email and text message (if mass text messages are not blocked).

Methods of sending orders

All orders are sent from the store's head office in Tabriz. Orders placed will be shipped according to the method determined at the time of placing the order, which will describe the specifics and the corresponding shipping time. The important point is that the maximum weight of the package to be sent by post is 10 kg. If the weight exceeds this, the customer will be notified to change the type of shipment to post-paid and the amount paid for the postage will be returned.

Express mail:

The delivery time announced by the postal company in this method is 1 to 3 days, which is 1 to 2 days for provincial centers, 2 to 3 days for large cities, and 3 days for small towns and villages. Any delay in this schedule is the responsibility of the post company and is beyond the store's responsibility. Shipments sent by mail can be tracked from the "postal tracking system".


Tipax is a private transport company that provides services only in some cities of Iran (large cities and towns).

The delivery time announced by Tipax company in this method is 1 to 2 days and the cost of transporting the packages is also determined according to the weight of the packages. In this method, the packages are sent on a post-paid basis, which means that only the service fee is charged at the time of the order, and the shipping fee is charged to the customer when the package is delivered to the customer.

Send by courier:

This method is only specific to the city of Tabriz. The range of services is limited from the north to Pasdaran highway - Baghmisheh, from the east to Azarbaijan Square - Rahehan St. - Koi Laleh, from the south to Shahid Kesai highway and from the west to Basij Square. Orders placed before 12:00 p.m. on Saturdays to Wednesdays every week (with the usual number of items) will be sent the same day after 3:00 p.m. (the courier leaves the Tabriz head office). The cost of sending by this method is borne by the customer. According to the routing, the maximum waiting time for the courier at the customer's place will be 5 minutes. Obviously, official holidays are outside of these conditions.

Important note:

- All the packages sent are completely standard and based on the criteria defined for postal delivery packaging (vanguard and custom) and tipaxed and insured at the time of sending, but this insurance only includes non-delivery to the recipient due to loss, fire, etc. And in case of failure and inappropriate handling of the above companies, the store will not be held responsible.

- Due to the backwardness of the method Tipax and freight, orders with a lower amount than the usual amount will not be sent to these two methods.

Warranty and after-sales service:

The deadline for checking and matching the goods on the purchase sheet with the received items is 48 hours. If there is any discrepancy, you can contact the Tabriz office within the set deadline so that the necessary procedures can be done as soon as possible. Obviously, after the appointed time, this store will not be responsible for this. Note that parts such as microcontrollers and semiconductor parts, etc., cannot be replaced.

Imported devices, modules and all equipments whose warranty is not announced on the product page in the store and do not have a warranty, have a test deadline of 48 hours after delivery, and in case of any problem, after making the necessary arrangements, the product will be sent with a letter containing information. The call and explanation of the defect will be sent to the Tehran store office for testing and review. If there is a problem, it will be replaceable provided that the device or product has not been damaged or physically changed. After the expiration of this deadline, if repair is possible, the repair fee will be charged from the customer, otherwise the store will not be responsible for the device or module. If the purchased goods are in large quantities for production purposes, it is recommended to carry out the required tests within the prescribed period of time before use and mass assembly in order to avoid possible future problems.

The cost of sending the goods to the store office is the responsibility of the sender and the packages must be sent by post. If the problem is confirmed, the replacement or repaired product will be sent at the company's expense. In cases where the product does not have a problem and the user is unable to use the device properly, the cost of resending will be charged from the user and then the product will be returned.

It is worth mentioning that the store is not responsible for setting up or teaching the use of modules, equipment or imported devices and such things, and since all the information and contents of the product are presented to the customer on the page related to the product, the subsequent responsibility for providing more information or How to set up is not the responsibility of the store.

It is not possible to replace or return the device after purchase, and it will be possible to replace it only if the device has a problem and has been approved by the technical unit and is covered by the warranty according to the mentioned clauses.

It should be noted that the store is not responsible for the comments posted by users in the product reviews section, and user experiences or tips written by users are personal opinions and are not necessarily approved by the store.

Cancellation of orders and refund conditions:

If the payment of the order is made, maximum up to 12 hours after its registration and if the order has not been processed (it has not reached the "in progress" status), it is possible to request the cancellation of the order (only by phone) and the total cost took it back Otherwise, the store will not be responsible.

Returning the order:

If the package is returned to the origin after being sent, the reason for the return of the package will be checked, and if the reason is that the person was not present at the time of delivery or the recipient's information (address, phone, zip code and name) is wrong, the buyer is obliged to pay There will be a re-shipping fee. It will be possible to change the sending method in this case.

Pricing policy:

The prices listed on the site are based on single sales, and for some products, the sales prices are listed in high quantities. Accordingly, the discount request is only reviewed for bulk orders and no discount is applied to retail sales. However, for custom shipping of orders with a certain amount, free shipping is provided, which is automatically applied to the orders.

In order to receive a discount on bulk purchases, you can contact the Tabriz sales office after completing the order with the payment method "Payment by Bank Receipt" so that the necessary discount will be applied after checking the order.

Likewise, some products are regularly placed in the "special sale" section, which you can take advantage of only by completing your order during the period when these special discounts are active.

Terms of use of store goods and services:

The buyer undertakes to use the goods of the store according to the current laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the responsibility for any illegal use of the items presented on the store's website lies with the buyer, and if a license is needed to use a particular product, the buyer must personally obtain the licenses. It is necessary to take action from the competent authorities.

Change of terms and conditions:

The right to change the conditions and rules is reserved for the store at any time, obviously, after changing the conditions and rules, the new version will be available to the buyers through the store's website.

coercive power:

All the conditions and rules listed are applicable under normal conditions and the store has no responsibility in case of any force majeure events (such as but not limited to: floods, earthquakes, riots, etc.).