+ Vision 45

+ Vision 45

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Protection system under 2G network

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4,563,000 toman

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specifications :

It is a knowledge-based product

Designed for smart phones

Secured with 10-digit password protocol

It can be controlled via Bluetooth

All settings are done remotely

Description :

Vision 45 Mastermind sim card alarm

 It is a knowledge-based product that was designed and manufactured for the first time based on smart mobile phones and has abandoned radio remotes with their limitations, but if needed, it has the possibility of 5 remotes and 16 wireless sensors with frequency 433 hopping code. be added to it

The features of this product include: Bluetooth control, high security with dynamic 10-digit code, strong antenna, accurate reporting, setting zones in 24-hour modes, mine protection, ding dong and informer. The board also has various and practical settings, all of which can be controlled and changed remotely

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